The Journey Within

“Riding on the crest of a wave that tries to submerge us is one of the phases of our existence that makes life most satisfactory and worth living, and it is the secret of all progress. If gardening were easy, even under favourable circumstances, we should none of us care to do it.” – C.W. Earle

I recently turned 30 and ever since I have felt the intense desire to change my life around, to be and do better; to stop complaining so much about what cards life has dealt me and instead live my life with purpose. After all, I have so much in my life to be grateful for.

Just as the above quote suggests, the same can be said for life and all the challenges we are faced with on a daily basis. If life were easy we would not progress and grow into the people we were always meant to be.

I am not a bad person and I don’t believe anyone is in their nature inherently “bad”. Our circumstances, surroundings and life experiences shape us into who we are. What matters most during those times when life knocks us down is how we respond and react to our troubles. Should we lay down without a fight and simply accept our fate? That we are not meant to be happy and fulfilled? Definitely not! We must use them as tools to grow, to rise above our hardships and failures and learn from them. No one who ever succeeded at anything, did so without facing failures and problems of their own. But their determination, drive and belief in themselves enabled them to push through any obstacles and pain, and use them to grow and improve.

I believe every person on this planet was put here with all the tools they will ever need to fulfill their purpose. What we need to succeed in life is already within us. It is up to us to cultivate our minds, learn from our mistakes and troubles, and always strive to be and do better. This is not to say that there is anything wrong with us to begin with, but there is always something more to learn, and there is always more room to grow. If you are truly unhappy with your life, then work on yourself, and the rest will follow.

Josie xoxo

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